What’s been happening at the Museum part three

What’s been happening at the Museum part three

A lot happened at the Museum over this winter and we’ve done a few blogs already to update you on what to look out for when you next visit.  To read the previous two blogs see:

The Museum is open (hooray!)


What’s been happening at the Museum Part One


Here is blog number three.

We received this donation of an old shop sign and we put it on the stairs indicating “magic this way”.  To read more about this donation see: http://museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk/news/donation-of-shop-sign/


On the first set of stairs, we have put a display about the “Enquiring Eye” including the old logo designs for the Witchcraft Research Centre and a copy of Cecil’s booklet “West Country Witches: What they think and what they do”.  This used to be for sale in the Museum shop in the days of Cecil Williamson (the Museum founder).

For more on the Enquiring Eye see: http://museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk/news/the-enquiring-eye-of-the-witchcraft-research-centre-call-for-articles/

A more detailed blog on the upstairs gallery is coming soon.  We have also moved these pictures and the sign to direct people downstairs after exploring the top gallery.

The section on the second staircase explores sacred sites.  We have added two new things here this year.  One an image of an elemental, donated by the artist, for more details see: http://museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk/object/boscawen-un-fairyelemental-colour-giclee-print/

The other new object in this area is on loan for this year.  It was discovered in Cornwall and is believed to be a Stone Age representation of a Goddess.

Downstairs, we have added a section on Halloween divination to our divination, scrying and fortune telling display.  This includes a film of different divination techniques made for the Museum last year by Gemma Gary and Jane Cox and which involved several Friends of the Museum too.

In our “Working Tools” section, the walls have been painted and the display re-arranged slightly.

We also have a new spirit board on display carved onto wood then painted with the date 1848 on it.

Every year, we clean inside the cabinets and move things around a little so people spot different things when they visit.  This working tools cabinet has been moved around quite a lot (but all the objects are still there!)

Previously, our witch bottle display was upstairs in the cursing section.  This year, most of the poppets from the cursing section are on display in the temporary exhibition space so we created a new space (just for this year) looking at witch bottles in isolation.  

What’s been happening at the Museum part four, coming soon…

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