What’s been happening at the Museum Part Three

Part Three in our themed blogs on the recent works at the Museum focuses on The Richel Collection...

It all started back in the summer when Simon ordered a rather nice cabinet (photographed below after delivery).  It was massive though and took a lot of work to get upstairs!

Hedley, Steve and Peter finally got it upstairs in a somewhat demonlished state!

We took down the old Richel display.  Below: Hannah, Peter and Sarah at work.

All that was left was a rather unsightly white(ish) wall and lots of objects carefully stored in boxes.

Peter painted the area where the cabinet was to go. 
Then the cabinet was put in place, some sides were added, lights installed, Simon arranged the objects and made stands for them (photographed below), the pictures were put up and voila a new display which looks amazing and has attracted a lot of positive feedback.

Part Four coming soon.

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