What’s been happening at the Museum recently Part Four

What’s been happening at the Museum recently Part Four

Here is part four updating you on the changes to the Museum over the winter.

As the “Curses” section of the Museum has moved downstairs for the 2017 exhibition, space was created in the top gallery.  We saw this as an opportunity to expand on the Crowley display and also to create a new display of objects which had previously been in store.

Here are some photos of the new Crowley display.  

These six framed images come from the Richel Collection.  

We also created a board using Cecil Williamson’s object caption texts.  During recent archiving, we realised that Cecil thought highly of Crowley and that the Museum had once owned a lot of Crowley objects.  The photographs on the right are part of one of Cecil’s displays about Crowley.

Also on display here are some other copies of items from the Museum’s archive considering the link between Crowley and witchcraft.

There is also an opportunity to listen to Crowley recording while in the top gallery.

Below: the expanded Crowley display includes ritual objects, images, a copy of the Thoth Tarot deck and a consideration of representations of Crowley in popular culture.

Next to the Crowley display is a new display of objects most of which have been in the Museum store for the past few years.  We have called this display “Charms, Talismans and Amulets.”

The majority of the wall mounted objects are talismans derived from the Black Pullet grimoire.

These objects haven’t been on display for many years…

The display includes a look at writing in magic.

There are several different sections: horns, claws and teeth as talismans/amulets, heart shaped stones, objects of natural significance, representations of animals and other figures.

The top gallery as it looks today with the Crowley display in the distance and the Charms, Amulets and Talismans display in the foreground.

We acquired some new objects this winter too.  This impressive wooden board (dated 1700) is now part of the Protection display.  It has daisy wheels (a protective mark) on it and was used as a part of a fireplace although we think it was originally a chest as there is a hole for a key in the centre.  Thanks to Graham King for sourcing this object for the collection.


Acquiring this object led to a slight re-display of the Protection gallery.  This section mainly looks the symbol of the hand and its use in protection magic.  

The section below considers the use of the eye in protection magic, as well as the use of reflective objects (such as witch balls and horse brasses) and objects of protection associated with the horse.

The section below looks at the Rowan Tree, the SATOR square and the Cimaruta  It also includes the Mars Talisman (generously loaned to the Museum by Bill Lovett who discovered this object with his metal detector).

The Protection display also includes many fine examples of hagstones and their use in magic.

Underneath the main display is a section on objects found concealed within houses and walls.

Part Five coming soon…

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