WhiteFeather Hunter

WhiteFeather Hunter

Our 2022 Artist Residency was awarded to WhiteFeather Hunter. WhiteFeather returns to Boscastle in Autumn 2023 to curate the 2024 show.

WhiteFeather is a Transdisciplinary Artist hailing from Canada, completing a PhD in Biological Art at SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia.

Enjoying a degree of exclusivity, her process is immersive and hermetic: quite befitting the first and only artists residency at the MWM for a while. Output from her other ecotechnofeminist research and practice can be viewed here.

Biological Art and biotechnofeminism here.

Read about her work here.

See her instagram here: @astrodesia

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Artist Residency will start in October 2022 and the Artist enjoys complete exclusivity through season 23. No further residencies are planned in the near future. Please send no submissions, as we are unable to accept them.

SymbioticA is the first research laboratory of its kind, enabling artists to engage in “wet biology”, with access to scientific laboratories and staff in a university biological science department.

SymbioticA was designed as an evolving place of artistic investigation, an artistic laboratory dedicated to the research, learning and critique of life sciences.

The focus on experiential engagement with life led SymbioticA to develop programs that would allow artists and designers access to labs and techniques usually reserved only for scientists and engineers. These programs include residencies, workshops, academic courses and public engagement through exhibitions and forums.

Welcoming artists, researchers, students and scholars from all disciplines, to work alone or in interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research teams, exploring innovative directions for new technologies and the effects they might have on society, SymbioticA is a unique facility shortly to be spoken of in the past tense.

Currently affected by the disastrous news of impending closure; the vandalism by national and state government of facilties of advanced learning and innovation ( and the research and study taking place wthin them ) is not limited to the UK, it seems.

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