Wilmar Taal’s research visit sheds new light on Richel-Eldermans Collection

We were very pleased to welcome Wilmar and Natascha to the Museum this week.  Wilmar is writing a book (to be published with Troy Books end of 2016/2017) on the life and work of J. Eldermans -  an enigmatic and mysterious figure in Dutch magic and occult circles.  The Museum acquired a large collection of objects and MSS by Eldermans a few years ago and it is great that Wilmar is finally unlocking some of the secrets of this fascinating and challenging collection.  Was Eldermans in the secret service?  Did he prescribe magical formulae for clients?  What was his connection with other major figures in 20th century magic such as Gerald Gardner and even our very own Cecil Williamson?  Wilmar and Natascha were very impressed with the new Richel-Eldermans display in the Museum and were enchanted with Boscastle and Cornwall (which they are now exploring).  We wish them all the very best in the future and look forward to launching Wilmar's book in the Museum next year!

(Wilmar Taal)

(Thanks for the Stroopwafels!)

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