“Witch” an amazing play!

“Witch” an amazing play!

As you may already know, we have a play being performed in the library this year.  

New dates have just been announced for September (and there is also going to be a performance in Exeter see http://www.circleofspears.com/ for more details of the play on tour): 

Wednesday 31st August 5pm and 8pm

Sunday 4th September 5pm and 8pm

Wednesday 7th September 5pm and 8pm

Sunday 11th September 5pm and 8pm

Wednesday 14th September 5pm and 8pm

Sunday 18th September 5pm and 8pm

Wednesday 21st September 5pm and 8pm

Sunday 25th September 5pm and 8pm

Wednesday 28th September 5pm and 8pm

We recently read something written by the writer of the play, Tracey Norman, about it, the feedback she’s been receiving and also the impact it is having on her life.  The Museum team thought it was beautiful so we are sharing it with you here below.  Hope you can make one of the performances – it really is a great piece of art and we are delighted to have it here.

“I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the audience response to WITCH. Not only have we had people driving from Looe and Camborne to see us, we also had two lovely ladies travel from Hertfordshire because they had seen us advertised on the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic’s website! However, I think that the two things which stand out the most for me personally are, firstly, that three separate groups of people have told us that the play could be used as Theatre In Education because of its themes of loss and persecution and, secondly, that I made an audience member cry.

When I finished writing WITCH, I was really happy with it. However, being happy with your own work and having others like it are two very different things. I never once expected the sort of feedback that Circle of Spears has been receiving. I certainly never thought that people would give us details of educational establishments and urge us to contact them about TIE.

WITCH is a very emotive piece in many ways – I am always in tears at the end of every performance as I leave the stage. Writing it was a labour of love and it means so much to me that I have been able to give my friends an opportunity to do the job they love and get paid for it.

Now, wheels are starting to be set in motion so that we can bring WITCH to a wider audience. This is my dream job. Life is good.”




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