‘Witch’ to play for 2 nights in Bristol – Book you tickets now!

‘Witch’ to play for 2 nights in Bristol – Book you tickets now!

‘Witch’, a play by Tracey Norman that had its debut in the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic Library last year will be performed in Bristol, at the Alma Tavern & Theatre this September, 8th & 9th September – 8pm

We would encourage everyone to make the trip for this play, which Tracey researched extensively using the Museum Library & Archives, and which draws upon the Museum’s collection of folk magic artefacts for inspiration. It is a fantastic piece of drama that will have you on the edge of your seat.

To book your tickets go to:  http://www.almatavernandtheatre.co.uk/theatre/what-s-on.html

The description from the Alma website is as follows:

WITCH follows Margery Scrope, a destitute healer/midwife, who has been accused of witchcraft by her neighbour Thomas Latimer following the death of his daughter. 

He and Margery have been brought before the local landowner/magistrate to give their side of the story. The magistrate must then decide how the case should proceed and whether Margery should be tried or if it is simply a neighbourly squabble. 

Written to stimulate discussion, it asks more questions than it answers – there is no linear journey from A to B with a character whose innocence or guilt is clearly defined. In fact, all three characters have grey areas and each audience member must decide for themselves whether they believe Margery is guilty or not. 

WITCH is a 50 minute 3-hander written in 2016 by company member Tracey Norman.

It recently received a 4-star review from Remotegoat and has just finished an extremely successful 3-performance run at the Fringe Theatrefest, where it was hailed as a “MUST SEE” of the festival. 

Described by audiences as “powerful”, “thought-provoking”, “utterly compelling” and “immersive”. 

The show is based entirely on historical records, so everything that happens in it has happened to a person living in the early modern era. 


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