Wonderful poem

Wonderful poem


This poem was recently emailed to the Museum.  Thanks to Andrea for sharing her words with us!


I wait for the witches

to join me on  a jaunt

of sisterly

black-clothed menace.


But they antagonise in their tardiness,

like beams of

craved-for spring sunlight

in a winter valley.


From my cottage window,

I scour the heavens.

Then I hear a distant keening cackle

cascade through


the charcoal twilight.

I grab my cloak in a fit of glee

and race down the

garden path.


A whoosh of wind heralds broomsticks

with room for passengers and I practice

jumping high so

I might alight on the narrow slice of oak gracefully.


They approach like an unkindness of ravens with cloaks

outspread like wicked wings.

Their laughter sears my skin and

I run towards them as they hover over



the cabbage patch.

A hand is stretched towards me

with gnarled fingers that have

such a hue of blue that the colour



stuns my soul. But still

I cling to the slippery digits. My cloak

billows around me

as I’m hauled onto a borrowed broomstick.



I rise above my home,

and I notice,

from the chimney, my name spelled

in a plume of smoke.



I glance at my black laced boots and

consider jumping.

Then I feel the wind tug my hair. A

pointed hat anoints my head,



and it’s all

too late.


A Short Biography

Andrea is a recent graduate of Nottingham University achieving a first class degree in Creative and Professional Writing. She is now studying for a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Andrea has some success as a poet, having some of her poems published. She is passionate about poetry and aims to encourage others to read and write more poems!

So far, Andrea has been fortunate enough to have a short story and three poems published in The Nottingham University Anthology of Creative Writing issues 2013 & 2014. She has also had eight poems published in Snakeskin E-zine 2015/16 editions, and a poem published by Dreamcatcher in the July 2015 edition. Andrea has also recently had a poem published by Skylark, in the November 2015 issue and another poem accepted for publication in the July 2016 edition.

Andrea lives with her husband and two of her sons in the Nottinghamshire village of Keyworth, where she was born.

Email: andreabowd@hotmail.co.uk

Address:  2 Fairway, Keyworth, Notts. NG12 5DU

2 responses to “Wonderful poem”

  1. Good Pagan poetry is so very rare. I love this not just for itself but for the hint, just a hint, that it might be as old as the card itself. It has a subtle charm to it that suggests perhaps Victorian heritage so we wonder what they cut from the poem! 🙂 You’ve wrapped so much up in this, Andrea! I love your lightness of touch.

  2. Thank you Chris, I’m so pleased it has achieved Pagan quality, which is intended but I wasn’t sure if it was apparent. It also means so much to know that the more subtler aspects of the poem are appreciated.
    Again, many thanks,

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