Wonderful witchcraft workshops coming soon

We are delighted to announce that Levannah Morgan will be running two workshops in collaboration with the Museum one in August and one in December.  If you’re interested in attending please email Judith at museumwitchcraft@aol.com or call 01840 250111.  Please note places are extremely limited so act fast if you want to attend!  The workshops will take place in the conference room of Boscastle’s National Trust Visitor Centre (next door to the Museum).

Levannah Morgan is a priestess and witch who has practised magic in Devon for over thirty years. She has taught may workshops and courses on witchcraft and magic and speaks at many Pagan and magical events. She is the author of A Witch’s Mirror (Capall Bann 2013) and a contributor to many other publications including Hands of Apostasy (Three Hands Press, 2014). She was the founder of the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and is one of its trustees.

moon mirror

Saturday 13th August

Mirrors, Witchcraft and Magic


£20 per person (pre-book a place and pay on the day)
This workshop is based on Levannah’s recent book, A Witch’s Mirror (Capall Bann) and will explore the many ways in which mirrors are used to make magic. These include very traditional practices including spells and charms (some of which are represented in the Museum’s collection) and some more personal ones. You will learn some mirror magic techniques and how to make and use a scrying mirror.  Please bring a notebook and something to write with and, if you can, bring a small handbag type mirror or mirror tile.


Saturday December 10th

Isis Queen of Heaven


£20 per person
This workshop explores the evolution of the Goddess Isis from her beginnings as an Egyptian goddess, through the Graeco-Roman period when she was worshipped throughout the Roman empire and became a universal personal deity, to our own times in which she is at the heart of modern Paganism. We will look a range of practices and sources from the ancient Egyptian and Roman through to the work of Dion Fortune and the Fellowship of Isis and explore the relevance of Isis to magical practitioners and Pagans today. teaching materials will be provided. Please bring a notebook and writing materials.

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