Photographs of Museum objects by Ellie Smart

Last year, Ellie installed a pop up exhibition outside the Museum of her photographs (her Gaea project  She recently came back and took some photos of Museum objects.  To find out more about her work see:

Statue of Meg Merrilies on the cliffs above the Museum.

Objects and flowers in front of Joan Wytte’s memorial at Minster Church, the Valency Valley Boscastle.

Water pitcher, animal skulls and snake wand near the holy well at Minster Church, the Valency Valley, Boscastle.

Pig’s skull with brass heart on its forehead.  A charm made by a witch to protect a farm.

Interesting mushrooms growing in the Valency Valley.

A display of objects associated with farm protection.

Keys from a church charm and rolled lead from a church roof photographed in a churchyard.

Various objects (including terracotta mirrors to channel the sun’s rays) near Minster Church holy well.

Piskies and gnomes from the Museum’s collection.

Pitcher and cup for gathering water next to Minster Church holy well.

A ram’s skull from the moors photographed in a moorland setting.