716 – datura seeds

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datura seeds
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glass bottle full of large numbers of black seeds of datura stramonium. Both have labels on back saying amulet plus a description in Dutch. Also label reading “Ex Libris J.H.W Eldermans”. Also written is the name T. Cockayne and the date 1880. Label: “Semen Datura Stramoniae, 1943, Politietechnische Dactyloscopische en fotogr. Verzameling J.H.W Eldermans” -plus ref. Nos- “Almelo, 13091:afd. 35. Hoof (?): a. 62”; meaning ‘Semen Datura Stramoniae, 1943, Police-technical dactyloscopical and photographical collection JHWE, plus reference Nos (?), Almelo 13091, : departement 35, Head (Chief ?), a.62.