R/10/1282 – 4 prints with symbols and sigils; and notes

Collection Number:
Object name:
4 prints with symbols and sigils; and notes
Object type:
Seals shown:
- Sammlung Schmidtke
Book titles referenced:
The secret grimoire of Mariussi / Curiosites / Inn
Book authors referenced:
- / Duvivier / Inner traditions of magic
People referenced:
mevr. J.F. de Steur-Van Hal / H.M. Montauban van Swijndregt

‘No. AE-33-78/A, Verzameling [collection] H.M. Montauban van SWijndregt, Rotterdam, 1927. Zie Aant. [see notes] 1939, fol. 331a. “The Secret Grimoire of Mariussi”, eerste helft 19e eeuw [first half 19th century] (zie keerzijde [see otherside]). Idem: “Curiosites des sciences occultes”, Duvivier, IV, p. 618 (documentatie § 4).
‘No. AE-33-78/B, zie Aant. [see notes] 1939, fol. 331a, en [and] 1946, fol. 219. Naar [after] “Sammlung SChmidtke”, no. 4166/III (“Dictionnaire Infernal”, &c.) Idem: “Inner traditions of magic”, documentatie mevr. [mrs] J.F. de Steur-Van Hal, § 22-34: (“Mariussi”). S.’