R/11/1339 – print of stencil plate with TF; and notes

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print of stencil plate with TF; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
Magia Amatoria
People referenced:
Diederic Vanderveire / F. Parmesaen

Small red M to the right of the picture. ‘No. AH-02-23, Aant. [notes] 1942, fol. 84: Herkomst [origin]: Diederic VANDERVEIRE, Ursel, Blg., 1929. “BORSTELSCHABLONE [stencil plate] ao. 1905”. Zie [see] Magie AMatoria, V, 44-56, “The penance being erotic flagellation”, &c, no. 5366-Q. E.’
‘ “Schabloon van zink met aangeklonken ophanging van messing” [stencil plate of zinc with riveted on suspension of messing], zie [see] no. III, fig. 44, F.Permesaen, Aant. [notes] 1952, fol. 3 e.v. [and further]. S.’