R/11/1379 – prints with illustrations and article-clippings on black mass

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prints with illustrations and article-clippings on black mass
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Ex Libris Laurentius Richel Amsterdam

Translation of left article: ‘Above the celebration of the black mass, an illustration from a magical calendar which was made in 1895. The black mass is a parody of the christian sacred mass. To emphasize the sacrilegious character, everything is performed contrary to the christian mass.
Below a photograph from the end of the 19th century, titled Preparation for the Black Mass. The black mass is always performed on the naked body of a woman, by preference a virgin.’

Translation of right article: ‘A page from the magical calendar. The illustration on the adjacent page is from the same calendar. Directly below the calendar is the French reading of the spoken ritual that is used in the black mass.’

Article in the middle: ‘437 OCCULTISM – ORAZI, M. & A. DE CROZE. Calendrier magique. Cestuy calendrier dressé en miristique soubcenance de pratique chères à Maignes, Atrologues, Devins, Alchemistes, à tous aultres saiges de misterieux sabvour… Ledict Calendrier a eté aedifié pour l’An de N.S. 1896 selon bonne traditions et coutumes, avec aide de moult parchemins très antiques. Paris, 1896. 14 (incl. title/colophon) lith. Lvs in black, gold, green, blue & red. In sheets in mod. hfcloth portfol. (with marbled bds). Fol. Lim. (777) ed. (1 of 750 regular copies) – All sheets taped along 1 outside margin; some lvs sl. wtrst. Along lower margin. (CAillet III pp. 207-208 (‘Ce calendrier fort original et d’une rarre exécution artistique est enrichie de 13 grandes et belle compositions…’)) 300/400’