R/13/1588 – 2 prints of trident-wand; and notes

Collection Number:
Object name:
2 prints of trident-wand; and notes
Object type:
AA (unknown), Magisch Atelier
Book titles referenced:
Witchcraft in Holland / La fabrication du talisman
People referenced:
Landre Amsterdam / Paracelsus / Mevr. M.H. van Strien-Hoogervorst

‘Bij [with] No. AB-16-44, Aant. [notes] 1951, fol. 189: “The trident used by Paracelsus to overcome impotence. In the “Seven Books of the Magic Archidox” one can read the following advice on this subject: “has the practice of magic, fruit of wickedness and the art of perverted men, destroyed your virility ? A horseshoe picked up in the street will suffice to make you a three-pronged fork on Saturn’s hour”. Anthroposophical Society, zie [see] F4, § 227, sub 14, PARACELSUS. S.’
‘ “Sex and the Supernatural”, idem: no. 301-III, fig. 16. “Mansell Collection” } “MAGIC”. H.’
‘No. AB-16-45, fol. 57II: “trident”. “Moder Witchcraft”, MS. 640-I, fig. 224: “Witchcraft in Holland” = A?A?A? = Mevr. M.H. van Strien-Hoogervorst, Den Haag, “TOVERSTAF”. Zie [see] “La Fabrication du Talisman”, fig. 381. H.’
‘Idem: “Magisch [magical] Atelier Landré”, Amsterdam. Aant. [notes] 1951, fol. 189. S.’