R/1/61 – Drawing of three magical circles; and notes

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Drawing of three magical circles; and notes
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Les Sorciers / Le Musee des Mages
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Dr. F Soesman 's-Gravenhage / Francis Barrett
Eldermans 1recurring

Circle ‘a’ has the name ‘azzoni’ and original symbols. Circle ‘b’ has the names ‘sarao’ and ‘heia’, four times three dots and 2 symbols. Circle, or better, amulet, ‘c’ has one sigil on it. Notes: ‘Naar een tekening mevr. [after a drawing of mrs.] K.W. van Gameren-Heymans. Zie Aant. [see notes] 1952, fol. 127. Idem: “Le Musée des Mages”, deel [part] II, p. 388, fig. 207. “In Officina” &c. Handschrift [manuscript] dd. 1795, “Les Sorciers”, Lyon.’
‘Naar een fotogr. reproductie in de verz. van [after a photographical reproduction of] Dr. F. Soesman te [of] ‘s-Gravenhage. Op perkament getekend [drawn on parchment]. Zie Aant. [see notes] 1952, fol. 146. idem: Francis Barret, zie Aant. [see notes] 1939, fol. 218, opgave [assignment] dd. 1799, London.’
‘Zie Aant. [see notes] 1949, folio 365t, “Amulet, &c.”: diameter 64 mm, dik [thick] 4,5 mm, lood [lead]. De keerzijde is glad met een ingekrast monogram [the backside is smooth with a carved in monogram] “MD”. “Les Sorciers”, III-p.402, fig. 118, “Le Phitlre”, enz.enz. [etc.etc.]’