R/16/1925 – print with a scoop and mandrake notes

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print with a scoop and mandrake notes
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Perigord / Schlummerlichter
People referenced:
Johan Kamphuis Sr.

All Dutch parts are directly translated.
‘Add to § 164d; it reads: “The gypsies and magicians said that the herb originated from the piss or semen of hanged men” – thence the more ancient name: pisthief. H.’
‘With § 164f: Mandragora is also known as wanderroot [doolwortel], perhaps a folketymological distortion of daftroot [dolwortel] “because one assumed that it makes loving” [it’s a bit untranslatable]. See the “Aanouncements of Johan Kamphuis Sr.”, appendix II. H.’
‘With § 164, add to F3: Périgird: One called the Mandragora a wander-herb; if one steps on it one cannot find their way back. A.’
‘After Schlummerlichter, p. 201.’
‘MG: Add to F2: “Even today (1924) in Poitu one points to the rich families who thank their fortune to the Mandragora.” E.’