R/16/1927 – drawing of mandrake-box, a photo from Dartmoor; and notes

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drawing of mandrake-box, a photo from Dartmoor; and notes
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- Sammlung Schmidtke

All Dutch parts are directly translated.
‘For comparison with § 381-d, “A quite complete “Hutcircle”, from the “Prehistoric times of Dartmoor”. E.’
‘Add to § 382a: “F4. In the by Sulla (81 before Chr.) issued Lex Cornelia: de secariis et venificis, named as aphrodisiacum: ut pigmentarii si cui temere Mandragora et id quod lustramenti causa dederint, poena teneanter hujus legis”. E.’
‘Add to § 383-f: (F2) “Such rank and deadly lustre dwells./ As in those hellish fires that light/ The Mandrake’s charnel leaves at night”. See: “the poet Moore”, &c, (“Lalla Rookh”). E.’
‘Add to § 383h, F4: “Hanging-pole-man (In Flanders just little man, or doll and hanging-pole-bait; because, according to folkbeliefs, the herb grows on hanging-fields”. See )22. O.’
‘See further: )24: “Mandragora = Hanging-pole-plant. (Flora Diabolica). Plants from under hanging-poles are cursed in the folks’ minds: they originated in hanged men’s seed./ The mandragora is a hanginh-pole-plant, that’s why in Wets-Flanders they are called hanging-pole-child”, &c. (Page 439). H.’
‘For the bottomside see: KR’
‘With § 384, F3: “A box of palm wood”, 7c. With § 380e one finds a size-sketch, from the “Sammlung Schmidtke”. After this sketch an exemplar of beechwood was made by me for Dr. W.S.O. JHWE. § 384e: with II one should read: “aut sperma in terram effundit”. A.’