R/16/1934 – drawing of a mandrake and tools; and notes

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drawing of a mandrake and tools; and notes
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Victor Hammersfeldr / Derk van Hulshorst

All Dutch parts are directly translated.
‘With Index 1959, no. 344: “Mole trap”, for clarification of the “Announcements of Derk van Hulshorst” (§ 209-MM/1959). H.’
‘A similar machine is described by M.R.H. Schriecke, that machine is used to get mandrake roots out of the ground with the help of a dog. See Index 1959, no. 344-D. E.’
‘With Index 1959, no. 346, “MAndragoras”. “Male or female species”, 7c, see § 209-PP/1959. “It is undoubtedly true that the plant is singularly reminiscent of a human being”, &c, see F2. H.’
‘With Index 1959, no. 346-B: detail from the print no. XXIV, “Le Grand Oeuvre”, &c. See the documentation § 211-CC/1959, Mandragora off. O.’
‘ABCE – N’
‘ABCD – O’
‘Index 1959, no. 347, sub XII: “On the dating”, &c, after Victor HAmmersfeldt; see also § 211-CC/1959, sub III. S.’