R/16/1942 – drawing of a mandrake, cords; and notes

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Object name:
drawing of a mandrake, cords; and notes
Object type:
Book titles referenced:
Herbarium dioscorides / Antidotarium Nicolai
People referenced:
W.S. van den Berg / Sophie J. van den Berg / mej. C. Swagerman

All Dutch parts are directly translated.

‘Add to § 12-III: see “A middle-dutch translation of the Antidotarium Nicolai, Ms. 15624-15641, Royal Library Bruxelles, with the latin text of the first printed edition”.
‘With § 12-IV: idem, printed by W.S. van den Berg, Med. Docts., Leiden 1917. (For the promotion and after his death taken care of by his sister Sophie J. van den Berg.) E.’
‘(Amndragora, &c) Add to § 13-II, “Regulations with the digging up of this precious root”, &c. (“The ceremony with the digging necessary”, &c). See under “nestling-knots” = )8. A.’
‘Add to § 13-IV: “In 1415 the Council of Verona issued the edict against all possessors of the mandrake. They were threatened with the death by burning.” H.
‘With § 14-III, for clarifiaction of )10. See the presentation of a mandrake to Dioscorides. The cadaver of a dog which has pulled the plant from the ground is still attached to the cord. Herbarium Dioscorides, Julia A., Ms, see sub IX, appendix II. E.’
‘Add to § 15-VI, the “Announcements of miss C. Swagerman”, (Drogistery [Chemistry] De Molen, Molenstraat 23, Almelo). See “Nestling-knots”, notes 1940, fol. 18. H.’