R/16/1963 – drawing of a mandrake-man, crowns, scoop; and notes

Collection Number:
Object name:
drawing of a mandrake-man, crowns, scoop; and notes
Object type:
Seals shown:
- Sammlung Schmidtke
Book titles referenced:
Witchcraft in Europe
People referenced:
mej. Thea Reuvers / Magister Agiello / J.H. Duvivier Sen.

All Dutch parts are directly translated.

‘See Index 1956, no. 462: (miss Thea Reuvers) “MAndragora”, sub III: “Mandrakeman, type D”, after “Magister Agiello”; see also the documentation § 217-WW/1956 (“Mandrake”). H.’
‘For clarification of Index 1956, no. 462-B: “Mandragora”, sub V (J.H. Duvivier SE.). H.’
‘With Index 1956, no. 463: “Mandragoras were used as symbols of fecundity”, &c, see § 217-YY/1956 (“Mandrake”, sub II.). S.’
‘With Index 1956, no. 463, sub VI, “moulds”, to used to make crowns of tinplate. (“Duville Collection”). See aslo fig. 18 and 19, manuscript no. 209-VII. O.’
‘With F3, )15: see sub I, Sammlung Schmidtke, no. W-IX-51. O.’
‘Index 1956, no. 465, on the “Care for Mandrake-men”, sub IV, “The wine-bath”, (“Witchcraft in Europe”, F9, see there fig. 188. H.’