R/2/317 – drawing of a stone lion and a Phoenician; and notes

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drawing of a stone lion and a Phoenician; and notes
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Studien zum magischen Weltbild
Book authors referenced:
- / John Wesley
People referenced:
Robert Staubli / H. Klops

‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1954, fol. 168e, documentatie § 10: “amulet = Leeuw” [lion] – “Aberglaube und Zauberei” [superstition and magic], &c, Robert Staubli, no. IV-82. H.’
‘ “De plaats waar de inscripties zijn aangebracht” [the place where the inscriptions are put on], &c, zie Aant. [see notes] 1954, fol 220 en foto [and photograph] no. 71/1952 (H. KLops.) –‘
‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1954, fol. 221, documentatie § 6 (zie [see] “het afwenden van onheil” [the warding against disaster], &c.) “Studien zum magischen Weltbild” [study on magical worldview] S.’
‘Fol. 221a, F2, toevoegen [add]: “Nostra damus cum falsa damus, nam fallere nostrum est. / Sed cum falsa damus, nil nisi nostra damus.” H.’
‘F4, toevoegen [add]: “Wen man den Galuben an das Hexenwesen aufgibt, so gibt man die Bibel auf” [if one denies the witches’ creature [i.e. devil], than one denies the Bible]. (Duits ? M.i. komt dit voor bij [German ? In my view this occurs by] John Wesley, ao. 1768; zie Aant. [see notes] 1939, fol. 402. E.’