R/4/620 – black and white copy of a picture of Black Mass

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black and white copy of a picture of Black Mass
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Book titles referenced:
Uit de diepte
Book authors referenced:
J.K Huysmans
Book locations referenced:
de Arbeiderspers 1990

Picture of a Black Mass.
‘J.K. Huysmans – Uit de diepte- uitg. de Arbeiderspers 1990 Hoofdstuk 19.’
‘615. Originally black masses were said in the open air, using the back of a naked woman as an altar. Then when they became indoor entertainment a woman’s stomach was used instead. With all due respect to those who believe that progress has swept away practices of this type, black masses still exist today. They are performed by Christians who are prey to sexual obsession and seek compensation in the inverted worship of Satan. Frustrated by the fact that religion condemns the sins of the flesh they abandon themselves to excesses which are quite incapable of exorcising their anguish. In his novel ‘La-Bas’ J.K. Huysmans has described a black mass held in a chapel in Vaugirard in front of an obscene Christ with a priest who is naked beneath his chasuble and surrounded by an assembly of hysterical women.’