R/5/759 – print of a bell

Collection Number:
Object name:
print of a bell
Object type:
Book titles referenced:
History of Witchcraft / Fama Fraternitatis
Book authors referenced:
Arthur d'Almeira
People referenced:
William Silberer

‘No. AA-66-37, bij Aant. [with notes] 1950, fol. 228s, § 155, sub 48: XXVII: “HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT”, Arthur d’Almeira. A.’
‘ “MAGISCHE BEL” [magical bell], zie Aant. [see notes] 1952, fol. 21, § 304, sub 12. Detail uit [detail from] no. 5018-Y, MS. 6164/III (William Silberer). H.’
‘F VI: “Fama Fraternitatis”, “beneben der Confession oder Bekanntnuss derselben Fraternitat, Frankfurt, 1615. A.’