R/6/849 – drawing of runes and tools; and notes

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drawing of runes and tools; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
The fascinating story of the rebirth of paganism a
Book authors referenced:
W. Krause
Book locations referenced:
Forschungen und Fortschritte
People referenced:
Mr. F.W. van der Heuvel / Prosper Proost Brugge

‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1952, fol. 188d, documentatie § 4/1952, zie [see] “Die verbreitung der Runenschrift” [the spread of the rune script], – hRgsia: zie [see] F4, “Geheimrunen” [secret runes], &c. “The fascinating story of the Rebirth of Paganism and Magic”.’
‘Aant. [notes] 1952, fol. 203a, documentatie §6/1952, “Het ritueel met de kamerpot” [the ritual with the chamber-pot], handschrift [manuscript] ao. 1722, Mr. F.W. van den Heuvel SR.. NAadere gegevens [further detail]: Aant. [notes] 1954, fol. 81d, Brugge, Prosper Proost. Daar toevoegen aan [there add to] F1: W. Krause, “Forschungen und Fortschritte” [research and rules], 1934 (zie [see]: “arjosteR” = “die vornehmsten” [the most important ones], no. 17, S. 217). E.’