R/6/854 – drawing of an Ogomin-alphabet; and notes

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drawing of an Ogomin-alphabet; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
Handbuch der Runenkunde / The tools and methods of
Book authors referenced:
Helmut Arntz
Book locations referenced:
Halle/Saale 1935

‘TEr verduidelijking van Aant. [for clarification of notes] 1942, fol. 219d, documentatie § 14/1042, zie [see] “the tools and methods of magic”, XXIV, “Ritual magic”. “Ogominschriften sind nur in Irland, auf der Insel Man, in Schotland, Wales und dem Sudwesten Englandts gefundet worden” [Ogomin script is only found in Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales and the southwest of England),&c, “von [from] 450-700 n. Chr” (A.D.), &c. Zie ook Aant. [see also notes] 1942, fol. 355, “Ogim”, (zie [see] Helmjut Arntz, “handbuch der Runenkunde” [manual of runes], halle/Saale, 1935.) (“Magick”, III-671. H.’