R/6/862 – drawing of crossed ‘pater noster’, fish and other symbols; and notes

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drawing of crossed 'pater noster', fish and other symbols; and notes
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Cyrus H. Gordon

a figure with A and Z ‘a’. A figure with two A’s and other letters ‘b’. Alpha and omega. Crosses ‘pater noster’ with four quarters at the corners; O [east] Z [south] W [west] N [north]. Grains drop from paper ‘c’ onto ‘d’. A figure ‘f’. A fish and II ‘e’. ‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1952, fol. 10a, documentatie § 3/1052: (“Een weerld van demonen en liliths” [a world of demons and liliths], XI-422), zie de aanvullingen [see the supplements] II, III en [and] V, “Magie” [magic]. Idem: Cyrus. H. Gordon, Aant. [notes[ 1952, fol. 81, F2. E.’