R/6/880 – drawing of trays with incense; and notes

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Object name:
drawing of trays with incense; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
The secret grimoire of Horman
People referenced:
mej. Jose Hammelman

A tray with incense (?) and large pin ‘a’. A wand between two others with hair on it ‘b’, over little heap of something ‘c’, with letter T,on groundline ‘d’ – ‘e’. A sort of tray with incense and wand on top of it ‘h’. A tray ‘k’. A strip with letters ‘p’ ‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1051, fol. 64d, documentatie § 10/III: “Benediction of the Perfumes”, “The secret grimoire of Horman”, &c. (“The seed of an ash tree, the wood of the aloe, leaves of the skullcap herb, mandrake roots”, &c, zie [see] F4, Aant. [notes] 1951, fol. 65.) Mej. [miss] Jose Hammelman.’