R/6/892 – drawing of knots and a cross; and a lot of notes

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drawing of knots and a cross; and a lot of notes
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Book titles referenced:
Textes et monuments figures relatifs aux mysteres
Book authors referenced:
F. Caumont
Book locations referenced:
Bruxelles 1899
People referenced:
Farwerck / W.S. Huybrechts

Translation: ‘With notes 1940, fol. 29e: “Also with the mysteries of Mithras the candidates were branded, according to Tertullianus those, who had reached the degree of “soldier”. This degree followed on the three preparing degrees, those of “raven”, “lion” and “hidden one”, and was actually the first full initiation. The sign the soldiers got on the forehead, where it was burned in with a burning iron. Also with other mystery-rites something similar occurred and so with the mysteries of Kybele the candidates were branded with a certain sign by burning needles”, &c. (Farwerck); see F. Cumont, “Textes et monuments figures relatifs aux mysteres de Mithra”, Bruxelles, 1899. Part I, p. 319. E.’
‘With notes 1940, fol. 104a, documentation § 6. See with a: photograph: “gold-find in Wiewert”, “This Frisian piece from the 7th century shows on the so-called magical knot”, &c. See F5: “magical knot” and “miracle knot”. With K: see: “Longobardian sarcophagus in Venice, on which the place of Christ is taken by a solar wheel. H.’
‘Add to F7: “Hagall er Kaldash korna / Kristi skop haeimenn forna” = Hail is the coldest grain / Christ created the ancient world. (W.S. Huybrechts). H.’
‘See the photographical reproduction no. 51-53-56.1939-II. E.’