R/6/962 – drawing of a witches circle in numbers; and notes

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drawing of a witches circle in numbers; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
Modern Witchcraft
People referenced:
Anne Armstrong 1673

Numbered around 1 to 12; lettered a to m. Inner circle roman numerals I I I II II II III III III IIII IIII O, and a 13 in the middle. ‘Aant. [notes] 1948, fol. 27II, “De organisatie van een heksenkring” [the organisation of a witches’ circle/coven], zie documentatie [see doc.] § 21/1948. (Met een verwijzing naar de documentatie [with a reference to the doc.] § 4/1949, “Het formeren van de heksenkring” [the formation of a witches’ circle] (Aant. [notes] 1949, fol. 91f, “13”)). Zie onder [see under] “Anne Armstrong, 1673”, enz. E.’
‘ “Modern witchcraft”, “To some, modern witchcraft is a smutty underground cult whose sole objective is sexual licentiousness carried out in the name of religion”, &c, documentatie § 6/’49. S.’