R/s.G/CXII – Drawing of a magical square

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Drawing of a magical square
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Eldermans ?
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Franz Carl Endres / SEE NOTES
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Rascher Verlag Zurich 1951 /

Height +- 245 mm. Numbers: 16 3 2 13, 5 10 11 8, 9 6 7 12, 4 15 14 1. Magic squares and Pythagoran numbers, by W.S. Andrews, Chicago The open court publishing company 1908 Notes by the magical square.
‘F 305: Genootschap verbo et exemplo, -door woord en voorbeeld-, Amsterdam, 1949. Magisch kwadraat met 16 vakken, de totalen horizontal, vertical en diagonal bedragen 34, “-und dazu noch ist die Summe der Eckzahlen des groses Quadrats, ebenso wie die Summe der mitteren Zahlen des kleinen Quadrat in der Mitte der gorsen gleich 34.
Das Durersche Quadrat findet sich dan auch als Jupiter amulet, wie denn jeden der Planeten ein Amulet mit einem magischen Quadrat angrhort. Doch scheinen sie alle erst im 16. Jahrhundert aufgekommen zu sein, wobei das MArsquadrat 25, das Sonnequadrat 36, das Venusquadrat 49, das Merkurquadrat 64 und das MOndquadrat 81 Felder zahlte. Das Saturnquadrat bestand nur aus 9 Feldern.”

[F 305: Society Verbo et exmplo – through word en example-, Amsterdam, 1949. A magical square with 16 fields, the totals horizontally, vertically and diagonally account to 34.]
Short description of the German notes: [and so is the total of the corners of the large square, as the small square in the middle, 34. This square of Dürer is to be found also as a Jupiteramulet, when with all planets belongs a magical square. They seem all to be founded in the 16th century. The mars-square has 25, the solar-square 36, the venus-square 49, the mercury-square 64 and the lunar-square has 81 field. The Saturn-square has only 9 fields.]

Notes continued: ‘Zie Albrecht Dürer’s Melancolia, met de bijzonderheid, dat de twee middencijfers van de onderste rij het jaar van de vervaardiging van de kopergravure aangeven: 1514. [see A.D.’s Melancolia, with the particularity that the two middle numbers of the lower line register the year of making of the copper engraving: 1514]
Franz Carl Endres, Mystik und MAgie der Zahlen, Rascher Verlag Zürich, 1951.
“The discovery of the arrangement of number in the form of magic diagram was undoubtedly known to the ancient Egyptians and this may have formed part of the knowledge which Pythagoras brought back from his foreign travels.”
Magic squares and Pythagoran Numebrs, p. 156-157: Magic Square and Cubes, by W.S. Andrews, Chicago, The Open Court Publishing Company, 1908