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Iron Triskelion Pendant


Hand-forged 7 x 8 cm Iron Triskelion Pendant. The triple spiral is found in artefacts of the European Neolithic and Bronze Age, often related to the Celtic traditions although it appears as a form of decoration across the ancient world. The word ‘triskelion’ comes from the Greek triskeles which means three-legged. Here are some interpretations of the symbol –

  1. Physical, spiritual and celestial realms of the Celtic worlds
  2. Earth, sky and water – the three main aspects of the physical world
  3. The symbol signifies movement and motion
  4. Mind, body and spirit
  5. The present, past and future
  6. Creation, preservation and destruction
  7. It is a Buddhist meditation symbol
  8. In Christianity the triskelion can represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the three days from the death of Jesus to his resurrection or the three temptations of Jesus by the devil

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