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Magick Works: Stories of Occultism in Theory & Practice


Enter the world of the occultist: where the spirits of the dead dwell amongst us, where the politics of ecstasy are played out, and where magick spills into every aspect of life. It’s all right here; sex, drugs, witchcraft and gardening. From academic papers, through to first person accounts of high-octaine rituals. In Magick Works you will find cutting edge essays from the path of Pleasure, Freedom and Power. In this seminal collection Julian Vayne explores: * The Tantric use of Ketamine. * Social Justice, Green Politics and Druidry. * English Witchcraft and Macumba * The Magickal use of Space. * Cognitive Liberty and the Occult. * Psychogeography & Chaos Magick. * Tai Chi and Apocalyptic Paranoia. * Self-identity, Extropianism and the Abyss. * Parenthood as Spiritual Practice. * Aleister Crowley as Shaman …and much more!

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