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Silver Mars Talisman


This remarkable talisman is based on one of the most important objects in our collection – a 16th or 17th century battlefield talisman, loaned to the Museum by the metal-detectorist who found it in a field in eastern England.

This modern copy consists of a square of sheet silver, hand-engraved on one side with the Square of Mars and spirit names, and on the other side with the Seal of Mars, spirit names and other sigils and symbols.

The Square of Mars is a 5 square grid of the numbers 1 to 25, arranged so that each line (horizontal and vertical) adds up to the number 65. The symbols include the astrological symbol for Mars, the character and name of the Spirit of Mars, Phaleg, and the sigil of the Archangel Samael. The creator of the original talisman seems to have based it on instructions in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s ‘Three Books of Occult Philosophy’, the ‘Heptameron’ attributed to Pietro d’Abano, and the anonymous book of magic ‘Arbatel’. The talisman would have been intended to draw on the magical power associated with the planet Mars, to ensure that the wearer would have victory in battle, and that his enemies would be unable to harm him.

Hand crafted by James O.A.O. exclusively for the Museum.

Approximately 4cm x 4cm (1.5″ x 1.5″), with a ring in one corner so that it can be worn as a pendant.

One talisman only (photo shows recto and verso to display design).

Only 2 left in stock