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The Enquiring Eye: Issue 2


The Enquiring Eye is an exciting new project for the museum – a journal that aims to showcase a wide range of research into all aspects of magic.

Contents List:


A Froome with a View

The Cunning-Folk’s Chrismon? Reginald Scot’s Eight-Armed Seals – Phil Legard

The Viking Volva or Wise Woman – Cecilia Orning

Some notes on witchcraft from Mrs. Batson’s Welford Scrapbooks – Ian Miller

‘Pellar’ and related terms: an analysis of two-hundred years of newspaper articles- Rupert White

The Cunning Folk of Sussex –Martin Duffy

The Witch Sticks of Finchingfield –Alex Langstone

Very Superstitious: The William James Clarke Charm Collection – Jennifer Dunne

Remembering Eric Maple – Iain Marshall

The Influence of J.H.W. Eldermans on Bob Richel –Wilmar Taal

Shades of the Craft in Bram Stoker’s Dracula Walter C. Cambra

Where did all the Magic go? A sideways look at the impact, or otherwise, of the NormanConquest on magic in Britain – M E Beardsley

The Alexandrian Witchcraft Online Archive and Timeline – Sharon Day

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn: what a Victorian Magician needed to know to become an Adept – Elaine Bailey

A Closer Look at Object Number 2741, a Talisman or Amulet of Mars – Alexander Cummins

Objects Created by ‘a student while under Instruction by Aleister Crowley’ aka the Steffi Grant Collection – Judith Hewitt

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