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The Enquiring Eye: Issue 4


The Enquiring Eye is a museum journal that aims to showcase a wide range of research into all aspects of magical practise, witchcraft and the occult.


The Sasabonsam of the Asante – Marti Dean
Goddess in Cornwall 2000-2020 – Cheryl Straffon
Pilgrimage along the lesser travelled Mary Line pt2: Lostwithiel to Glastonbury – Sarah Hartnett &
Lucy Stein
The Easthorpe Witches, Essex Folk-Magic and the Sheela-na-gig – Alex Langstone
Disorientated in time, place and person: Ithell Colquhoun’s unpublished occult novel Destination
Limbo – Richard Shillitoe
The Three Hares Project – Dr Tom Greeves
A Little Frog: Transference of disease in The Wicker Man – Rupert White
Pious Pixie: The Life of Pamela Colman Smith – Dawn G Robinson
A curious tale of Odin and his horses in a Devon Churchyard -Tony Whitehead
‘Nerdcraft’: Witchcraft, Witch-Hunts, and the Occult in Dungeons and DragonsTM – Julia Hall
Cursed and haunted dolls at Greyfriars Kirkyard – Dr Louise Fenton
Untitled (photo-feature) – Gemma Gary & Jane Cox

Ronald Hutton on Cecil Williamson and rewriting Wicca – Rupert White

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