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The Enquiring Eye: Issue 5


The Enquiring Eye is a museum journal that aims to showcase a wide range of research into all aspects of magical practise, witchcraft and the occult.

Issue 5: Spring 2021


Editorial – Rupert White
Wisdom from the Wilderness: Using the Fae to Re-enchantthe Landscape in a Time of Crisis – Francesca Bihet
The Herb and the Lady under the Elder at Noon: Analysis of an Early Modern Magical Ritual– Dan Harms
Action Stations: The film career of Cecil Williamson – Rupert White
Horse Brasses: their use in Divination and Spellwork – Kate Collison
Gerald Gardner’s four books of Wicca – Steve Patterson
The Three Hares Project – Dr Tom Greeves
Relics of the People: Ossury Remains in Post-Medieval European Folk Practise – Tom Farrow
A Curious Discourse – Melissa Seims
All Hallows and Allantide: A glimpse into the customs and folklore of a Cornish Halloween -Alex Langstone
Black Mass at Clophill? – Kevin Gates
Occult and New Age Sprituality Bookshops as Sites for the Production and Exchange of Rejected Knowledge in the UK, c.1893-c.1993– Dr Shai Feraro
Covid-19 Diary – away from Pilgrimage – Lucy Stein and Sarah Hartnett

Philip Heselton on Earth Mysteries, Gerald Gardner and the New Forest Coven – Rupert White

Book Reviews


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