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The Enquiring Eye: Issue 6


The Enquiring Eye is a museum journal that aims to showcase a wide range of research into all aspects of magical practise, witchcraft and the occult.

Issue 6: Autumn 2021


Editorial – Rupert White
The Saltmarsh Devil of Old Essex – Alex Langstone
A Manx Legacy– Melissa Seims
The Mystic, the Hare-Cursed Witch and the Cunning Man: Mary Webb’s contribution to Esoteric Literature – Dr Rebecca Beattie
Spirit of the Hedgerow– Sarah Hartnett & Lucy Stein
Cornish Charms: origins and originality – Rupert White
Witchcraft on Vinyl – Melanie Xulu
An Gwyr Erybyn an Bys: Chairs, Rounds and Circles in Bardic Cornwall – Alan M. Kent
“But ghosts and witches still walk…” James Wentworth Day – collector of folkloric tales from the East Anglian landscape – Steve Patterson
Liber Spirituum (and a magical memoir) -Paul Huson

Gemma Gary on Cecil Williamson, Bucca & Morvoren – Rupert White

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