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The Persecution of Witchcraft and Magic

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The witch hunts are a crucial part of the history of witchcraft, and their legacy still affects ideas about magic today. This booklet not only looks at the notorious trials of the 16th and 17th centuries, but provides a comprehensive picture of the long history of official condemnation of magic, from Ancient Babylon to the trial of the Spiritualist Helen Duncan in 1944.

The booklet also focuses in detail on subjects such as the role of pamphlets in stirring up the fear of magic, and popular tests for witchcraft like weighing chairs and swimming.

Inspired by the Museum’s Persecution display, and written by Museum curators Judith and Peter Hewitt, this is a detailed and thought-provoking study of an important, if troubling, subject.

Illustrated throughout with colour and black and white pictures.

50 pages. 


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