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Wooden Labyrinth Plaque


This oak plaque is carved with a labyrinth design, which is then highlighted in a subtle shade of red.

It is handcrafted in Cornwall by Steve Patterson, and is inspired by the Rocky Valley labyrinth near Boscastle.

Steve writes, “As the founder of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft once said… ‘Three miles from this spot you can find a prehistoric maze stone carved into the living rock-face, proof that from ancient times man and his magic-making with the world of spirit were active in this area.'”

Slowly walking, or finger-walking, a labyrinth can induce a trance-like state. Eventually you will arrive, well balanced, at the sacred centre of the symbol and maybe of another world.

Approximately 16cm (6.25″) tall and 16cm (6.25″) wide. (But please note that as these are individually handcrafted items, sizes and details may vary.)

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