The Museum is unable to offer private tours under any circumstances.

Major factors are:-

-Our compact premises and front of house,

-Audience density, safety, and social distancing,

-Discomfort from mandatory queuing on wet weather days,

-Mandatory one way system affecting current disabled access and emergency exits,

-Diminished visitor experience overall.

In addition, we are most concerned by the emergence of localised spikes and outbreaks of COVID19 in places which lifted lockdown early. The MWM is a place which cherishes the lives of its visitors, patrons and staff and will not knowingly or willingly put them at risk. We continue to monitor the situation on a weekly basis.

Further, as supply chains supporting our refurbishment were interrupted in March, and have yet to normalise, our 2020 refurbishment project has yet to complete and even if the pandemic situation improved, completion of works could not be until August at the earliest.

Assessments are ongoing weekly in line with best practice. We will continue to update our audience, and further announcements will be made.

How you can help:-

For the time being, the best way to help is to visit our online shop! Your messages of support also mean a great deal to us.




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