Black Pullet "iron on" badges

Arguably, one of the most interesting displays in the Museum is the collection of talismans which were created by Mrs A Dodsworth based on the 18th century book or grimoire "The Black Pullet".  They have been in the Museum since the 1960s and are now displayed near herbs and healing on the way to the wise woman's cottage (see photo below).

Thoughts have been whirling for a while for a way to enable visitors to "take home" or "make their own" version of these talismans.  It had to be something on textiles to stay true to the objects and there was talk of a cross stitch kit and we also briefly considered a tea towel.
Now, we have a shop stock item which incorporates the ideas and motifs of the Black Pullet - iron on (or sew on) fabric badges.  We commissioned two designs, photographed below are the original talismans and the copies (available to buy from the shop and online shop for £2).  
The black design is said to "give discernment for the good or bad intentions of any person" while the yellow design is said to "endow the possessor with every virtue and talent as well as a desire to do good".  






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