Donation of fascinating piskey pamphlet

The Museum recently received a wonderful little item as a donation - a pamphlet with the title "A Short History of Joan the Wad Queen of the Lucky Cornish Piskeys" which says on the cover that it was issued from Joan's Cottage, Lanivet, Bodmin, Cornwall.  The date is probably 1931.  Does anyone know anything more about this cottage?  We'd love to know!

Here are some photos of the booklet (which was given to the Museum by Mellany Robinson of the Museum of British Folklore

If you haven't been to the Museum lately to see our revamped piskey display (second photo below), you haven't seen this fellow yet (top photo below).  He is back from his holiday at Joyce's house...(he is even more remarkable in the flesh!)

Mellany also donated a book on Cornish holy wells and the offerings people leave at them - intriguing photos of "sacred and absurb" items.  Both items will find good homes in the Museum (the Joan the Wad booklet is already on display in the top gallery).  

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