Donation of shop sign

Donation of shop sign

We were very grateful to receive a donation of an witch shop sign from Sheffield. It is now catalogued and on display in the Museum.

The following is taken from the donor’s website (

One of the more unusual artefacts that Wessex North inherited from ARCUS was a large wooden sign from a building on Corporation Street in Sheffield, removed during the demolition phase of sites along the ring road. Affectionately known as ‘The Witch’ the sign comprises a silhouette of a witch on a broomstick with the word MAGIC underneath. Discussions on local forums suggest that the sign was erected as part of a Halloween promotion advertising mattresses at ‘magic prices’. Since it was not directly relevant to the building it came from, Sheffield Museum didn’t want to add it to their social history collection. After some quick research, I found a museum in Cornwall called ‘The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic’ and I thought they might be interested in having the sign. It turns out they are! So after a long stay in the basement in the Sheffield office, she is finally flying down south to her new home in Boscastle.

By Jess Tibber, Finds and Archives Officer.  Thanks to Jess for arranging this donation to the Museum.

3798 – Old Witch/Magic shop sign

You can see where she was originally displayed on the top of this building below:

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