Gerald Gardner calendar donated

Gerald Gardner calendar donated

Every year, the Museum receives a wonderful calendar as a donation and we also received a monetary donation which is raised from the sale of the Gerald Gardner calendar.  Here is a little bit more about this project.

The GBG “Year and a Day” calendar has feast days from Pagan pantheons around the world, historic Craft photos, newsclippings, quotes, moons and more… Interesting info every day of the year.

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The calendar also has a facebook page:

We were particularly interested to see the photo for October with Gardner standing in front of a Rosy Cross/Golden Dawn cross as we are currently researching the Museum’s displays on Golden Dawn and Rosicrucianism for our 2018 Ritual Magic exhibition.  There seems to have been a large display when the Museum was on the Isle of Man.  

One of the great parts of working at this Museum is the inventive and thoughtful ways that people find to support it.  Thanks so much!  








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