Joan Wytte “The fighting fairy woman of Bodmin” by Baxter Lawley

Baxter Lawley has completed his work experience with the Museum this week.  Here is his blog about Joan Wytte:

In the 1800’s Joan was arrested and died in jail however her body wasn’t buried. She died in 1813 aged 38 and was finally buried after the owner of The Witchcraft Museum thought it was time to let her been in peace in 1998; her grave saying, “No Longer Abused”.  She was buried with some tobacco, a clay pipe, a drop of brandy, special oils, and finally some magical herbs and incense. Joan had a peaceful burial on her journey to the Summerlands. Her body was handed down to many people and eventually in the 1960’s her skeleton was exhibited in our museum.  When Cecil (The owner and founder of the museum up to the 1990’s) retired, the new owner (Graham King) thought how wrong it was and decided to give her a burial that she deserved.  Her grave is somewhat ‘unknown’ ( a newspaper did mention where it is) however no one really knows the exact position as Graham King didn’t want people digging up her bones. Joan is now a local tale with many stories to her name. She even has a CD  about her called “Spirit Of The Storm”!!!

I have been reading through the archives of Joan Wytte this week and have scanned the paper versions  to a PDF scanner to save on the computer and started to upload them onto our documents page on the website.



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