Letter from Cecil Williamson

Letter from Cecil Williamson

We received a letter in the post which included a much older letter.  A visitor to the Museum had written to Cecil Williamson (Museum founder) in 1985 about labyrinths and received an interesting reply which has been copied for us so we can keep it in our archives.

We have a labyrinth stone in the Museum collection: https://museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk/object/labyrinth/

This object seems to have sparked the correspondence and to have lead Cecil to write a little history of the labyrinth stones and their use in magic.

Our thanks go to Jeff Saward of Labyrinthos for providing us with this intriguing addition to our archive.  See www.labyrinthos.net for more on his work.

As you may know, there are labyrinths carved into a slate cliff face at Rocky Valley (about three miles from the Museum).  A document in our archive (an interpretation card that used to be on display with an object, written by Cecil) seems to suggest that their existence was one of the reasons the Museum ended up being located in Boscastle.

Here is some of Cecil’s letter from 1985 which says that labyrinth stones are called snake or serpent stones, moon stones, Troy Stones and brain stones.  As always, the key thing for Cecil was that magic worked and that if it worked, witches used it.  If it didn’t work, they just didn’t do it.

Thanks so much to the person who shared this letter with us.

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