Shop stock based on Museum objects

Shop stock based on Museum objects

We've expanded our range of shop items to include more things that are based on Museum objects. Here are some examples...

The photo at the top shows an object in the collection  - a pottery skull with "Witchcraft Exhibition Bourton on the Water" on it.  This was obviously one of the souvenirs which were available from one of the earliest incarnations of the Museum.  We have had something similar made but with our MWM logo on it.

The Museum collection contains a small amulet which is part of our protection display (see top photo).  It has three soapstone charms on it - a gun (for protection), a padlock (for security) and a heart (for love).  This object was the inspiration for our protection charm bracelet which contains a gun, padlock and hearts as well as other symbols of protection and dark red beads.

One of the most popular items in our collection is the Wheel of the Year.  This large wooden disk was created by Mark Highland and painted by Vivienne Shanley.  For many years, it was housed near the Stone Circle but it has recently been moved to the Shrine.  This beautiful object celebrates the festivals of the year and has been available as a poster and postcard for some time.  Last year, a visitor came to the Museum and asked for one of our Wheel of the Year stickers.  This was puzzling as we have never sold Wheel of the Year stickers!  But it was the origin of an idea which has materialised into a beautiful stained glass window style sticker which is available for just £4.

And who can forget the lovely mini replica of our Hare Woman statue?  The original statue by Lionel Miskin is wonderful (but a bit huge and heavy for most homes!  See top photo)  Now visitors can take home a smaller version of their own (see bottom photo).

Many more original gifts, souvenirs and books can be bought at our online shop

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