Talk by author Thomas Sheridan

Talk by author Thomas Sheridan

Two weeks ago, we had a fantastic talk and book signing here at the Museum by author Thomas Sheridan.

The event was really well attended by a crowd who braved torrential rain to take shelter within the Museum library for a couple of hours.  Thomas’s talk was really well received and featured a wide range of topics from Druids to Sheela-na-gigs to giant worms and the Irish Potato Famine  He spoke about the folklore of Ireland including the sacred and ‘unsacred’ landscapes of the Hill of Tara, the fairy forts and the apotropaic finds at the oldest house in Dublin.  His focus was on his personal experiences of these places and what they revealed to him on his personal journey.  

Thomas considered several magical artists who cast a spell such as William Blake, HP Lovecraft and Van Gogh, artists such as these, Thomas suggested can “see the future before it happens”, at being a form of natural magic which enables us to transcend time and space if we let it or them in.  

Later in the evening, Thomas spoke about how magic works, the subconscious mind, the collective subconscious and quantum entanglement. 

Thomas’s talk was powerful, broad and inspiring.  His thinking was original and enthusiastic.  It was a privilege to have him here and hear him speak with such candour about his personal magical experiences.

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