The Enquiring Eye – Issue I now available!

The Enquiring Eye – Issue I now available!


The first edition of the Museum’s new journal – The Enquiring Eye – is finally here!

The journal is the first publication of the museum’s new publishing arm, The Witchcraft Research Centre; in homage to our founder Cecil Williamson who started publishing pamphlets under the WRC moniker in the 1950s.

The Enquiring Eye is a place for anyone to publish their research into witchcraft, magic, paganism, folklore and anything in between; it is also a platform for the Museum to publish original research about its collections.

Pick up your copy today from our online shop:

63 pages of research articles and Museum related info… including

The Mystery of the ‘Witchcraft Research Centre’ by Steve Patterson

This Charming Man: F.T. Nettleinghame and his Piskey-empire by Rupert White

A Neolithic Stone Idol Found in Cornwall by Graham E. Hill

Banishing, Binding and Cursing by the Chattering Magpie

The Mass Hexing of Donald Trump:A Brief History by Melanie Xulu

Reclaiming the Magician by Alan Jones

‘A Letter to Nathaniel Higginson’ by Samantha Southern

Reading Love Magic in Sixteenth-Century Italy by Joshua Rushton

A Journey into Paganism by Rebekah Elvidge

Collecting and Fashioning Magical Objects with Cecil Williamson by Peter Hewitt

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